NVIDIA released the latest software 6.0 for the Shield TV’s (Both 2015 and 2017 model). With this update, NVIDIA Shield TV users could experience the Voice search, Media playback, Smart home control without using any of its accessories. This serves the same functionality as of Google Home.

Followed by this, Google will push the Google Assistant via OTA update for their Android TV’s and few other Android TV boxes like Apple TV, Roku TV, Xiaomi Mi Box in coming months.

Enabling Google Assistant

To Enable Google Assistant, Ensure your Shield TV is updated with the latest 6.0 Software version and Shield Controller(2017) firmware updated to 1.14 or above.
Once you meet these requirements, Press the NVIDIA button on the Shield controller or the microphone button on the Shield Remote.

To have hands-free control, Users must enable “OK Google“, To do this; Open Settings–>Google–> Select EnableOK Googledetection. Now, Go back to Settings–>Shield accessories–>Select the connected accessory (Remote/Controller)–>Toggle “OK Google” Detection to enable–>Restart the Shield TV and start using Google Assistant without touching the shield accessories.
Note:- This Works better within 5 feet from your Shield Controller/Remote.

New Enhanced features with the latest Shield software update

– Revamped Visual Experience.
– Integration of various shortcuts with the majority of applications like Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, Playstore, etc.
– Play, Pause, Skip, Adjust Volumes on the go.
– Cast Audio to Google Home.
– Detailed Weather report with a 10-day forecast.
– Better task management with the Integration of Google Calendar.
– Turn ON/OFF TV (With HDMI CEC).

Best Google Assistant commands to try

– Open “App name”
– How does my day look like?
– Translate “X phrase” in “language”.
– Give me news about “Keyword”.
– Play “movie” trailer.
– “Turn off” or “Turn off TV” (Enable your TV to turn off with SHIELD in Settings > Display & Sound > Power Control > CEC TV off).

Let me know the features that you like from your Shield TV in the comment section below.