Intel recently announced their power packed series of Processors with more than 10 physical cores at Computex 2017 and this is more than sufficient to handle any tasks you throw at it. It will be extremely beneficial for advanced 3D gaming, VR and content creators.

Good news for PC enthusiast is that all the Intel i9 series of processors are unlocked which allows us to overclock them without any hassle.

The clock speed of the base i9 processor 7900X starts from 4Ghz but however, Intel has not yet revealed the clock speeds of rest of the i9 series of processors.

Intel i9 Processors


Intel Core i9 series starts with the base model, Core i9-7900X with 10 physical cores and goes all the way up to Core i9-7980 XE with 18 physical cores with 36 threads. All these processors are only compatible with LGA 2066 socket and X299 Motherboards and also supports Quad Channel DDR4 2666 Memory. Clock speed and Turbo Boost frequencies are not yet officially announced.

Core i9-7900 X102013.75 MB140 W$999
Core i9-7920 X122416.50 MB160 W$1199
Core i9-7940 X142819.25 MB160 W$1399
Core i9-7960 X163222.00 MB160 W$1699
Core i9-7980 XE183624.75 MB160 W$1999


i9 Quickspecs


By looking at the quick specs, We can easily tell that there will be a huge bump in the performance but without a real-world benchmarking tests, It is difficult to predict how exactly they perform.
With about 18 physical cores and 36 threads with Hyperthreading enabled can outperform any tasks but is that really required? The answer would be Yes If you are using multiple Virtual machines and allowing few cores to each VM’s.

If still not satisfied, Unclocked Processors allows you to overclock them to meet your requirements.
In addition to this, These processors support Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 which Identifies the two fastest cores on the processor die to provide improved single threaded performance. It also Intelligently directs workloads to the fastest core by setting the priority to preferred applications.

Intel Optane Memory boosts the storage performance and improves App response times for increases system acceleration and responsiveness.

Intel Smart Cache up to 24.75 MB allows faster access to our data by enabling dynamic and efficient allocation of the cache to match the needs of each core which in turn reduces the latency to frequently used data and improves the overall performance.


Asus X299 Motherboard


Intel Core i9 series of processors need X299 Motherboards and understanding the architecture of X299 motherboard is a bit complicated task.
Motherboard manufacturers such as MSI, ASUS, EVGA are about to release X299 motherboards to equip these processors.
You might need to rely on powerful Heatsinks and Cooling fans instead of using the one which is provided by the CPU to extend the CPU life cycle.
These Processors Supports up to 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes, As a result, More peripheral devices can be added.


  • Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 – Intelligently directs workloads to the fastest core by setting the priority to preferred applications.
  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 – Dynamically increases the processor’s frequency when needed.
  • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology – Delivering two processing threads per physical core and completing the tasks sooner by utilizing the parallel computation.
  • Integrated Memory Controller – Supports up to 4 channels of DDR4-2666 memory with 1 DIMM per channel. Supports Intel Xtreme Memory Profile (XMP) 2.0 for DDR4.
  • Intel Optane Memory Ready.
  • Enhanced Intel Smart Cache Technology.
  • Easy Overclocking.
  • Intel Virtualization Technology.
  • Improved PCI Express 3.0 Interface – Up to 8GT/s and networking up to 44 lanes.
  • Green Technology – Manufactured with lead-free and halogen-free component packages.