Smartphones are evolved so much that we could make use of dozens of applications from the Play store that increase our productivity by several folds. They are not only meant for Calling and texting, They can even control your Android Smart TV!

Android TV Remote Control is developed and maintained by Google and support almost all the Android TV box like Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box, Q-box, etc.


– Android TV Box/Android Smart TV.
– Android TV Remote Control Application from Google (Could be downloaded from Android Play Store or Apple Store)
– Enable HDMI-CEC from TV’s settings.


Step 1:-

Download the Android TV Remote Control app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Android TV Remote Control
Android TV Remote Control
Android TV
Android TV
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Step 2:-

Launch the application and accept the terms of service.

Step 3:-

Connect your smart phone to Android TV via Wifi (Need to be on the same network), If you do not prefer Wifi, This app also allows us to pair the Android TV with Bluetooth.

How to use the app:

Android TV Remote Control comes with 2 layouts:- D-pad and Trackpad.

D-pad allows us to use the navigation buttons, whereas Trackpad is necessary for using the cursor for easy movement across the screen.

This App also allows users to quickly launch Keyboard and Voice search making this app a fully functional remote.

Android TV Remote Control app comes handy when your Smart TV remote goes bad or If you are too lazy to keep the TV remote with you.