All Controller is one of the Creative Project that was taken by Kickstarter team 2 years ago and now they had successfully finished the project and about to release it to the world.
The campaign is going to end on 15th September 2017 and the distribution of these controllers would start from 2018 (Date not mentioned) To join the campaign, Click here.

As of now, you might have been using multiple controllers to play games from various devices. ALL controller helps you overcome that as it supports almost all the devices, Operating systems, and games.
This controller supports 11 different drivers out of the bat and this lets you pair it with various operating systems like Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux etc.

ALL controller not only supports the latest titles, As this controller can be used to play any games for which there was no controller support initially.
Built in screen on ALL controller lets users map almost every single button and their functions.
Kickstarter team had also promised to push software updates frequently to stay out of the crowd to support the vast majority of games that gives birth every now and then.

For Xbox and Play station users, They do release a dongle to make use of all their native functionality.


ALL Controller Quickspecs

ALL Controller Driver Support

ALL Controller Features

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Mobile to Consoles, Windows to Linux.
  • 40 hours of battery back up: No need to charge the controller frequently as one complete charge lets you play for 40+ hours.
  • Multi-Connectivity: Supports USB, Bluetooth, Wireless dongle.
  • Works as mouse and Keyboard by toggling the controller mode.
  • On screen display: Easy pairing with devices, Re-mapping any buttons and functions, Configuring Macros.
  • Ergonomic design.

Here is a video from Rerez, Showcasing ALL controller;