Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 & Review !!

This is came out a couple of weeks ago but these are the things you need to know about the phone .
So, the new points for Galaxy Note 7 are the design refresh , some camera refresh ,hardware improvements , a bunch of new software features and Explosions .

Design: New design is something of a mix between the galaxy s7 edge and note 5 so, plenty of glass on the front and the back symmetrical from front to back and curved enough on both edges that it has what's called a dual edged display .  The only problem with dual edge display is that while holding my hand is still touching the display so it seems like it is unresponsive.

Hardware :  It is pretty much using the Highest-end part available Snapdragon 820 , 4 GB ram and an incredible quad HD super AMOLED display the vividness , the sharpness , color depth everything just looks great .

Camera:  It is brought up from the galaxy s7 and s7 edge it's actually the exact same camera from those phones so 12 mp sensor and f 1.7 aperture with  optical image stabilization. The photos and $K videos taken from this phone comes out to be amazing .

Software :  Apps are more organized now so it is easier to find there is a search function in the setting app.
one of the new and the flashiest feature is IRIS scanner  . It is the new method of unlocking the phone that take advantage of the new sensor on the top of the phone with an infrared light blaster that you can actually see in action when  it's scanning.It can't be fooled with photos of you or other people eyes.

S-pen : The new s-pen has a smaller tip so it feels more like writing with real pen rather that marker .It has also got new feature is the ability to screen capture instantly and convert it into GIF super easy to use and fun.

Battery : It has a smaller battery than S7 and S7 edge even though it is a bigger phone smaller battery and large screen on the front so the battery life on note 7 is average . It has fast charging , wireless charging and a headphone jack  and expandable storage .

The whole is ipv6 certified that mead water and dust resistance.

Explosion:  The main issue was battery overheating while charging especially when caharging in hot environment or using third- party charger .They have called for the replacement .
The Note 7 which has little green battery icon on the lock screen are form new batch and they will not explode most probably.


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