Sunday, August 14, 2016

Is it Google's new Nexus Sailfish ?

Rendered Image of Nexus Sailfish 

As everybody already knew that Google will launch its flagship Nexus in the end of 2016. According to the rumors and leaked renders there will be two nexus devices Nexus Sailfish and Nexus Marlin. Both the devices are being manufactured by HTC.

We think that the Google might have leaked the design of its new Nexus accidentally. A video promoting the Google Photos app for iOS and Android posted to Google’s official Instagram account shows a phone we’ve never seen before.

Now, it’s possible it’s just a mockup; Google shows an iOS pop-up on the screen and the phone is shaped like an iPhone SE, but it definitely has 2.5D curved glass on its face, which would be an odd thing for Google’s art department to add for no reason. But it’s also possible that this was a slip-up and you’re looking at the first official render of a new 2016 Nexus phone, which was mistakenly used ahead of schedule.


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