Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Google is developing a new OS - "Fuchsia"

Is it the time to say goodbye to Linux ?

Google is developing a new operation system named Fuchsia. It is unclear what the system is designed for , but the most notable point is Fuchsia is meant to ditch Linux Kernel (which Android is based on) .

The name of the project has emerged after code reading 'Pink + Purple ==Fuchsia (a new operation system)'. There were rumblings of a merger between Chrome OS and Android last year , so it could be the replacement for further down the line. However it is also possible that they are planning a new system for augmented reality.

Will Fuchsia replace Android ?

From some sample of code it is indicated that Fuchsia is going to be used for embedded system (things that are specialized and do not need operating system ).May be google is developing  this new operating system to replace its Chrome OS or they are planning to use this in OS in project ARA ,


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