Sunday, August 14, 2016

5 reasons to buy an HTC


1.       HTC Sense

HTC has the got the one of the best smartphone User Interface . HTC sense is the perfect combination of Beauty and Strength. The developers in HTC has some how managed to show the best look and feel UI without compromising the performance and Battery Life . And with the new Sense i.e Sense 7 they have introduced Themes (Classic and Freestyle).

2.       Audio lovers , brace yourself

Earlier HTC used to have Beats audio in the system . But now they have developed something new called Boom Sound which enhances the quality of audio . HTC is the first manufacture to come up with the idea of stereo  front facing speakers . These Dual front facing speaker are loud , crisp , clear and amazing.

3.       All Metal Body

HTC is known for designing beautiful smartphones with metal . HTC is well known for building its device with metal in a Uni-body design .

4.       Camera Quality

HTC has invented Ultra Pixel camera which captures more light in one pixel. It is very useful when you are taking photos in low light situation .

5.       Because you like timely software updates

With HTC one M8, HTC has promise to give system updated to their flagship in 90 days from the day when google releases its android .


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