Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pokemon Go Game Releases for Android and IOS

The Game which is in talks all over the internet 'Pokemon Go' is finally released for IOS and Android.

Nintendo finally made the game available across the stores. The Australia and New Zealand users are reporting about the game being available in their stores ,meanwhile it looks like the US and Indian users are still waiting for the game .
Pokemon Go game Releases for Android and IOS users

The Pokemon Go is a virtual based Pokemon game which will use the camera and the sensors of Phone to give you a natural experience of the Pokemon world . Here you can even catch them all with the famous Pokemon Ball.

Currently the basic features of the game is available for free and the add on features can cost the user with $0.99 to $99 accordingly.

The worldwide availability of the game is still a suspense but one can guess that it surely gonna be by this week .So Install the game and get the favourite Pokemon experience.


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