Friday, July 8, 2016

Is Android O to be called as Android Oreo 8.0 ?

Android Nougat 7.0 name was recently reviled by Google from their twitter account.The new Android will bring various new features with it such as a new navigation bar , multi-screen option and the all time battery optimization.
Android 8.0 O to be named as  Oreo

But what's next The Android O? Well we suggest it could be 'Oreo '.The popular sandwich cookie is a name one should not forget,the past Android names also suggest that Google looks for names which are familiar and popular to the users so that it can catch the audience easily.

Obviously Google does something which we can't expect.Many were expecting Android N to be called as Nutella but Google named it Nougat instead. But it seems like the Oreo Popularity will make google to think about the O version.But names like Orange,Oatmeal can be a barrier to name Oreo!  


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