Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 may come with Dual Pixel Technology

After the success of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge,Samsung and their engineers are working hard to beat the competition in the market not to forget the rival Apple ! Rumors are out for Samsung Galaxy S8 and it will be equipped with dual pixel technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 phone
Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

With every advancement of Galaxy Samsung try to show the world that they are the best in this business,and the next Galaxy S8 rumors says it all. With Dual camera Technology which Apple already announced that will not come in Iphone 7 which is scheduled to be launched soon an edge Galaxy S8 can take over Iphone 7.

Also S8 will come with 4k amoled display and that is quiet ultra resolution which will give the user a fantastic experience but with such resolution we hope Samsung to give enormous battery mAh life that could sustain the power need.

Within pros and cons Samsung have lot to do to attract the customers over other options. battery can be an issue and not to forget the price they will charge the buyer for the astonishing phone Galaxy S8.

Akshay Arora

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