Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Android N 7.0 features and release date to be out soon

After the success of Marshmallow 6.0 ,Google is eyeing for Android N and has announced that it will reveal more about the upcoming Android version very soon .

Android N features and release date

Google is working on Android N and as Google Nexus 2016 is scheduled to be out in August thus as the procedure is we can surely say that google will reveal the Android N first time with Google Nexus 2016,even the popular site christiantoday reports the same .

Other phones are also expecting to see the update like HTC 10, One M9, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge later in this year. Probably for Galaxy S6 and A9 we should expect the Android N update in future days.

There is still a suspense on what 'N' will stand for however few popular names such as 
  1. Nutella
  2. Naan bread
  3. Noodles
  4. Nuts
  5. Nutmeg
and lots more could be the face of 'N',In late August everything will be revealed.

Some features in upcoming Android N are :
  • Multi-window Support
  • Direct Reply Notification
  • New quick settings menu
  • Doze mode 2.0 i.e energy saving mode for battery
Google Android is working hard to stand above the Apple Iphone and therefore we see both the company providing what's best for customers as soon as possible, world is waiting for Android N release date which should be very soon in near future.
Meanwhile you can read the article about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 


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